In ep 48, I confront the complicated feelings that low and no alcohol beer bring out in my rapidly aging body. Like this episode, I am also 48, and I have a toddler. To make sense of my new love of low-ABV beer without giving up my tiny amount of cool cred, I turned to experts and trusted friends: Good Beer Hunting reporter Kate Bernot, Bottle Stop beer buyer Kevin Thomas, Athletic Brewing brewer John Walker, and all-around nice guy Art Hendrickson Jr. 

This is my first "narrative" episode and was a labor of love. It's not a straight interview, but a story told with many voices. I did the editing and even the music myself, with some help from Pixabay. 

Speaking of music, during the Afterparty, I spin the single "Strangers" by Coleus, so stick around for that. 

This episode is sponsored by Brass Works Brewing in Waterbury, Connecticut. 

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