Ep 34: Allan Heida is a busy guy, what with his I Know Nothing About Beer podcast and Dad Domesticus, a look at the Stay At Home Dad (SAHD) life on YouTube. We talk about beer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, how best to take a kid to a brewery, and why he’s still hopeful.  You can follow him as @AlTheBrewer on Instagram and Twitter.

This episode is sponsored by Nod Hill Brewery of Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Music in episode: Chill Lo-Fi Hip Hop Mix, “Coast to Coast” by Ducks Deluxe, “I Can Tell” by Dr. Feelgood, “Laid Off” by Cyanide Pills, “One Je Ta” by Optimal Problem, “Mr. Bartender” by Lew Lewis & Reformer, “Get Out of Denver” by Eddie & the Hotrods, “War Zone” by the Vibrators, “No No No” by T.U.S.H., and “Sally’s Dream” from the Lewis Luong Relaxation Cafe. 

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