Ep 30! Interested in farm breweries and farmhouse ale? Enjoy my talk with Barry Labendz, co-founder of Kent Falls Brewing in Kent, Connecticut, which in 2015 opened as the first modern farm brewery in the state.

Barry and his team started out with a farmhouse beer focus, and Barry and I talk about just what that means. We talk about his dedication to local ingredients, from the hops that come from their own farm and nearby Smokedown Farm (subject of ISWB Ep 29), to the grain that comes from local maltsters. 

When you’re done listening, get reading some of Barry's recommendations for books that focus on food and the food cycle:

Stay tuned after the interview for The Afterparty.

This episode was sponsored by Back East Brewing in Bloomfield, Conn. 

Intro music: “Heat It Up” by The Will-George Experience

Background music: “Picking Banjo,” “Action People #9,” and “Action People #7”

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